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Women on Fire! Women who have changed the world.  Certainly not a complete list of all the magnificent women, just mine.  Look closely for the 49 images of women who have breathed fire into our world and this dragon! 

Women on Fire is made with thousands of tiny pieces of paper on a 24 by 30 canvas.  This dragon encompasses the heart and souls of 49 women whose bravery and courage changed the worlds of women and all people throughout history.  Her original is for sale for $6000. I also have various sized canvas and paper archival quality giclees of her image.


​See numbered images of women below: 

Women on Fire Index:

  1. Anne Frank

  2. Helen Keller

  3. Ann Sullivan

  4. Marie Curie-contribution to cancer treatment

  5. Queen Victoria

  6. Gloria Steinem

  7. Sandra Day O’Conner

  8. Nancy Pelosi

  9. Kamala Harris

  10. Florence Nightingale – founder of modern nursing

  11. Sonia Sotomayor

  12. Joan of Arc

  13. Virgina Woolf

  14. Michelle O’bama

  15. Annie Oakley

  16. Valentina Tereshkova- first woman in space, Russian (1963)

  17. Junko Tabei – first woman to climb Mt. Everest – Japanese (1975)

  18. Clara Barton – founded the Red Cross (1881)

  19. Diane Crump – first woman jockey in US and to ride in the Ky Derby (1970)

  20. Hillary Clinton

  21. Indira Gandhi – First female Prime Minister of India

  22. Harriet Tubman

  23. Amelia Earhart

  24. Toni Morrison

  25. Maya Angelou

  26. Betty Friedan – Activist and founder of NOW

  27. Shirley Chisholm – First black woman elected to Congress (1968)

  28. Margaret Sanger – Opened first birth control clinic (1916)

  29. Mother Teresa

  30. Benazir Bhutto-first woman elected head of a Muslim country, Pakistan

  31. Angela Davis-feminist activist

  32. Ruth Bader Ginsburg

  33. Sojourner Truth- abolitionist and activist

  34. Nefertiti-Queen of 18th Dynasty of Ancient Egypt

  35. Hatshepsut-Queen Regent of Eqypt (1497 BC)

  36. Sally Ride-first US female astronaut to fly in space (1983)

  37. Susan B. Anthony-American social reformer & woman activist

  38. Margaret Thatcher- first woman British Prime Minister

  39. Eleanor Rosevelt

  40. Egyptian women revolting

  41. Stacey Abrams

  42. Harriet Beecher Stowe- writer of Uncle Tom’s Cabin

  43. Emmelline Pankhurst- Organized women’s suffrage in GB

  44. Ruby Bridges-first African American child to attend white school

  45. Your grandmother

  46. Any pregnant woman

  47. Rosa Parks

  48. Katherine Switzer-First woman to run in Boston Marathon (1967)

  49. Victoria Woodhull-First woman to run for president (1872)

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