Playboy Stanley is a huge pup we rescued 7 years ago.  His image is made of thousands of little pieces of 70's Playboy Magazines with many surprizes hidden within his fur. His original collage took me two years to complete.  The giclees look exactly like the original. The Playboy Magazine cutouts speak to his beauty and lovability. He's an enormous attention-getter wherever he is.    

Playboy Stanley - Canvas Giclee

SKU: 0004
Canvas Giclee
  • Playboy Stanley is a 250 Limited Edition made of the high quality archival Breathing Color Lyve Canvas and Canon Lucia Pigment ink.  His professional digital image exactly captures the original with all color, precision and sharpness.  He comes with a certification of archival quality. The large Stanley is only available locally right now.  He's too large to ship! Contact me if you'd like one and we can figure it out.  Thanks.