Miss Conception tells the story of societal judgements.  Women are often judged to be one way when in reality we're all made of lots many things.  Miss Conception's hair is made from 70's and 80's Playboy Magazines while each of her feathers tells the the story of her good deeds.  We should be careful how we judge others.  We're not always as we seem. 

Miss Conception - Canvas Giclee

Canvas Giclee
  • Miss Conception is made of the highest quality archival Breathing Color Lyve Canvas and Canon Lucia Pigment ink.  Her professional digital image exactly captures the original with all color, precision and sharpness.  She comes with a certification of archival quality and is ready to hang. The large Miss Conception (36" x 48") is only available locally right now.  She's too large to ship! Contact me if you'd like one and we can figure it out.  Thanks.