There is "Hope"

There is "Hope"

"Hope" is made of thousands of tiny little pieces of paper.  As with each of my pieces of art, Hope has her own story to tell.  The stories in my art relate to me and my experiences in life. 


Hope is an older woman of color.  If you look closely at her braids, you can see her life stories. Many of the images that tell her stories come from Playboy Magazines.  Some of my favorite images include the bad guys placed throughout. There are also wolves symbolizing her strength and resilience.  Through it all, Hope remains "hopeful" about the world.  She tells us this through the image in her eye which is a momma sheep and baby that symbolizes peace. 


Hope has been my most challenging piece to do both from an anatomical perspective and also from a cultural one.  It has been my wish for her to symbolize beauty and a better tomorrow.  

  • Coming Soon - Canvas and Paper Giclees

    Hope is brand new at 28"W x 28"H, I have not had the original of her captured professionally yet for canvas and paper giclees. Let me know if you have sizes you'd like to order.