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Retriever Grateful

Original Size:  24"x 30"

Retriever Grateful is a story collage commissioned by the UMBC Alumni Board of Directors to give to their retiring president, Dr. Freeman Hrabowski. 
It was truly my honor to create this story collage.  It symbolizes UMBC’s gratitude to Dr.Hrabowski for his leadership, devotion and the many accomplishments achieved during his tenure as president. The collage is a stylized version of the UMBC mascot, the Chesapeake Bay Retriever which symbolizes the school.  The retriever is resting his muzzle on Dr. Hrabowski’s hand, looking up at him with love and appreciation.  Within the retriever’s eye you can see the reflection of Dr. Hrabowski.  Throughout the retriever’s body there are many smaller stories told through images of individuals, groups of people and events.


These are stories of successes, challenges, championships, comradery and lives forever changed.    The hand states some of Dr. Hrabowski’s favorite sayings and the sleeve of his arm lists many of his awards.


If you would like your own commissioned work, please contact me.  

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